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Date: December 7, 2016

Kale is a heartier leafy green, wash and fold along the center to cut out and discard the stems. Kale is excellent in soups, stews and risotto. It needs to be cooked longer (about 20 minutes) than other greens but holds its texture well. Add an acid like vinegar or lemon juice to break down the fibers in kale and make it a lot more tender and easier to chew. We grow three different varieties of kale: lacinato, green and red Russian.

Lacinato – also known as Italian or Dinosaur kale. The leaves are textured and wrinkly. The delicate leaves are sturdy enough to stand up to bold flavors like pecorino romano cheese.

Green – This is the kale that most people are familiar with. It is bright green with curly edges and a wide stem.

Red Russian – with smooth, deeply serrated leaves and bright purple stems, this is the mildest kale and a great starter for beginners.

Baby Braising Mix is harvested early. Our baby mix contains a sample of all three varieties.

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