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Allison ‘Aloe’ Francis Hall Nelson 1981-2012

At age 28 and two months away from marrying the love of her life, Allison was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer. The diagnosis came as a shock- she had a nasty cough she couldn’t shake, but had been keeping up her usual pace as an attorney, and had even been running the day before her diagnosis. Cancer. Stage 4, in the breast, lungs and bones, at 28 years old, with a prognosis of only one year to live. As the news set in, Allison and her family and friends began to contemplate ways to improve her prognosis, looking into natural means of fighting cancer and boosting her health. Her doctors advised her to immediately change her diet, and organic produce was on the menu as an integral key to her health.

Allison found herself in a waking nightmare of doctor’s appointments, consultations, chemotherapy, promising news and disappointing news. She felt she was moving against a ticking clock that was much too short, and her biggest fear was that she would pass away without leaving her mark on the world. In true Allison fashion, she didn’t idle or feel sorry for herself, but began to brainstorm and inspire those supporting her to rally around the idea that healthy food choices can and do make a difference in health, both in preventing diseases like cancer and in improving the outcomes of those with a diagnosis. She saw an opportunity within her own family, longtime ranch owners, and decided to set aside a portion of the Hall Family ranch to grow organic, healthy produce for schools, hospitals, restaurants and grocery stores. In providing growing children, those who are ill and the general public with healthy food choices, she might prevent and impact cancer’s devastating effects on other families. In addition, a portion of the produce grown would be donated to others battling cancer.

Allison’s valiant battle with cancer ended on March 7, 2012. Allison never took a moment for granted, a lesson and gift she passed to her family and friends. Following her diagnosis, she married David, her soulmate, traveled to beautiful places and spent time with friends and family, celebrating their lives and supporting them with her love as she always had. She established Aloe Organics, so named for David’s nickname for her, “Aloe.” Allison will be forever missed, but has made her imprint on all of us, and on cancer prevention and care, through Aloe Organics.